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Aug 31, 2021

“Is comedy over? Should I leave you alone? 'Cause, really, who's gonna go for joking at a time like this?”


It’s all come down to this… let’s see who’s finally going to win the whole damn thing! This week is the semifinal and final round of our Sketch Comedy Showdown series! We’re pitting I Think You...

Aug 24, 2021

“Healing the world with comedy. Making a literal difference, metaphorically!” This week Jeff’s pick, That Mitchell and Webb Look ( faces off against Dan’s pick, Little Britain (,

Aug 17, 2021

”Oh comedy, oh it's like something that a madman would conceive!” This week is round three of our Sketch Comedy Showdown! Jeff’s pick, The Kids in the Hall ( vs Dan’s pick, Chappelle’s Show (S1E1 Netflix,

Aug 10, 2021

”Oh comedy, their illusions they have no choice but to believe their horizons that just forever recede.” This week we are continuing with round two of the Sketch Comedy Showdown! Dan’s pick, Upright Citizens Brigade(S2E1, vs Jeff’s pick,...

Aug 3, 2021

“Comedy, now that's what I call pure comedy!” This week is the first round of our Sketch Comedy Showdown series. Dan’s first pick, I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson (Netflix S1E1, S1E5), is pitted against Jeff’s last pick, Mr. Show with Bob and David (HBOMax S1E1, S4E1). Which will survive to move on to...