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Oct 19, 2021

A wise man once said, “One of the best ways to drain people’s energy nowadays is via the internet.” So we invited one of our best friends: author, and drummer of legendary punk band, Murphy’s Law, Seth Nelsen (@seth_nelsen), to join us for this spooky, energy-sucking episode about the FX comedy series “What We...

Oct 15, 2021

We're heading into a new episode of the Zeitgeist fellas! The TOI boys all love the Larry David vehicle, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and with a new season on the horizon, we talk some of our favorite episodes.


Jeff's pick: S6E3: The Rat Dog

Jimmy's pick: S7E10 Seinfeld

Dan's pick: S8E3: Palestinian Chicken


Please remember...

Oct 12, 2021

Happy Jeff Day! The most wonderful time of the year! Dan and Jimmy have given Jeff 1 topic each. Dan's topic is Fiddlehead. Listen to the playlist here:, while Jimmy gave the EP Only Boundaries by Balance and Composure. 


Next week, we're...

Oct 5, 2021

“We rise like lions after slumber in un-vanquishable number. Shake these chains to earth like dew. You are many, they are few!” This week Jeff and Dan are talking Jimmy into the Richmond, Virginia punk band Strike Anywhere. Check out our playlist here:

Oct 1, 2021

Welcome back to the Zeitgeist! This is our new show where the fellas will talk about something that is *very much* in the cultural zeitgeist. Return of the king!.. er, showrunner? BBC just announced that fan favorite, Russell T. Davies is returning to write for Doctor Who for the 60th anniversary special and beyond, and...