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Dec 20, 2021

They might be giants, BOY! The Fellas revisit Record Roundtable III from almost 2 years ago to find out Were We Talked Into the album "Flood" by the silly rock n rollers They Might Be Giants!

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Dec 14, 2021

“If everybody had a Christmas across the USA, then everybody would be Christian as God intend-ed”- Jeffrey Edwards. This week Dan is getting the fellas into the holiday spirit with The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album (yes that’s the name of the album).


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Nov 12, 2021

They have it all. Ninja, sex, and parties! We're going back to our very first record roundtable to find out if Jimmy was able to get Dan and Jeff to Party with Danny Sexbang and Ninja Brian in this episode of "were we talked into...?" talking about the album "Cool Patrol"

Oct 12, 2021

Happy Jeff Day! The most wonderful time of the year! Dan and Jimmy have given Jeff 1 topic each. Dan's topic is Fiddlehead. Listen to the playlist here:, while Jimmy gave the EP Only Boundaries by Balance and Composure. 


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Oct 5, 2021

“We rise like lions after slumber in un-vanquishable number. Shake these chains to earth like dew. You are many, they are few!” This week Jeff and Dan are talking Jimmy into the Richmond, Virginia punk band Strike Anywhere. Check out our playlist here: