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Jan 4, 2022

Sing-a-long with us!

In this friendly, friendly world with each day so full of joy why should any heart be lonely?


In this friendly, friendly world with each night so full of dreams why should any heart be afraid?


The world is such a wonderful place to wander through. When you've got someone you love to wander along with you. 


With the skies so full of stars and the river so full of song. Every heart should be so thankful. Thankful for this friendly, friendly world!


This week we’re celebrating our 150th episode! We wanted to thank all of our listeners with a very special topic, Jimmy is talking Jeff and Dan into one of his favorites: comedian, song and dance performer, and all around personality… Andy Kaufman! To watch along with us check out this playlist: and these videos about Andy’s wrestling:


On the next episode Dan is talking Jimmy and Jeff into The Righteous Gemstones which is returning for season 2 on HBO. To watch along with us check out the first two episodes of season 1 on HBOMAX.


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00:00 - Intro

07:22 - Talking Ourselves Into

20:10 - Pre-Andy

23:04 - Post-Andy 

50:25 - Sing-A-Long