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Jun 9, 2020

Hey now! Good morning Sweet-Love! It’s episode SIXTY-NINE! This week Jeff and Dan will be talking Jimmy into The King Of All Media… Howard Stern! We are very excited to welcome legendary Stern Show wack-packers High Register Seany and Fred the Elephant Boy! Check out Private Parts on Showtime and these segments on the SiriusXM app:

  • History of Howard Stern Part 9
  • History of Howard Stern Part 10
  • Wack History Month Special
  • Heaviest Diaper Contest Video
  • Paul McCartney Interview 9/5/18
  • Show 5/11/20: Ronnie and the Happy Hour


On the next episode Jimmy, Jeff and Dan will be talking returning guest Ian Mondrick into Trailer Park Boys! Check out these episodes on Netflix: 

  • S3E3 "If I Can't Smoke & Swear, I'm F*cked"
  • S4E4 "The Green Bastard"
  • S4E5 "Conky"
  • S4E6 "If You Love Something, Set it Free"
  • S7E3 "High Definition Piss Jugs"


Many thanks to Fred the Elephant Boy (@RealElephantBoy) and Seany (@NotHighRegister). To hire them for custom video messages please check them out on and


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  00:00 - Intro

  04:40 - Talking Ourselves Into 

  16:05 - Howard Stern: Prelisten

  31:45 - Howard Stern: PostListen

108:25 - Next Episode: Trailer Park Boys

109:35 - Outro