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Aug 11, 2020

There's twenty-two singers! But one microphone. Back in the garage. There's five guitar players! But one guitar. Back in the garage! Dan and Jeff have been in many garage bands, basement bands, and bedroom solo acts. This week they are talking Jimmy… and YOU into our musical history. Check our feed, we have released an audio file for you to listen along with us. Make sure you’re subscribed!


Next week Jimmy is taking something he’s talked himself into on the past, and he’s giving it to Dan and Jeff to try. This is the podcast Dungeons and Daddies, available wherever you listen to podcasts. Check out the first three episodes to catch up along with us.


Please remember to subscribe, rate and review or send us an email ( and we will read it on the next episode. For updates and generally joyful humor, follow the show (@talkmeinto) or the hosts (@sonnavafitch @danny_breakdown @JEFFFFF27) on Twitter. Artwork provided by Twitter user @wikirascals. Theme provided by Hostage Calm.


00:00 - Intro

05:55 - Talking Ourselves Into 

15:28 - Our Music: Prelisten 

24:48 - Our Music: Postlisten 

77:53 - Next Episode: Dungeons and Daddies

78:53 - Outro