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Aug 11, 2020

WARNING: This playlist features course language throughout which is not typically present throughout the course of this podcast


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0:00 The Weirdness- Drag Queen

1:37 Jeff- Rockera

3:05 The Rejected- The Red, White and Blue Betrayal

6:29 Society In Breakdown- A Thousand Things Have Gotta Change

9:37 Society in Breakdown- Book of Lies (2004)

11:46 Society in Breakdown- Book of Lies (2019)

14:14 The Bulimix- Diarrhea Holocaust / I Got Drunk in Nursery School

15:08 Rise Like Lions- XThe Joke That Makes Them LaughX

17:26 Browntown- Dance

19:15 When Freedom Dies- Least Resistance

20:58 When Freedom Dies- Disapproval Rating

24:33 Elvish Presley- Roll for Initiative

27:08 Jeff- Stimulate Me

30:58 Right Your Wrongs- My Existence

33:55 Progress- The Real You

37:27 Dan- There Too

40:47 Dan- American Slang

44:16 Hooks and Sinkers- Ain’t No Good Way

47:21 Hooks and Sinkers- Wild West Saloon

49:55 Danny B & the Central City Rogues- There Too

53:43 Jeff- Chinese Food

54:58 Dear Sirs- Put it in Neutral