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Jul 30, 2019

Hello! You’re listening to The Storm… or wait, is this Talk Me Into? We have to go back! To celebrate our 25th episode we were honored to have Da7e from ”The Storm: A Lost Rewatch Podcast” visit us as a very special guest-host to try talking Jeff, Dan, and Jimmy into the ABC television series Lost. Will he succeed in the first ever triple-talk? Or will he lose us? To follow along with us check out these episodes:

  • S1E1- Pilot
  • S1E11- All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
  • S4E5- The Constant
  • S6E9- Ab Aeterno


On the next episode Jimmy will be trying to talk Dan and Jeff into the podcast Ear Biscuits by listening to the following episodes:

  • 141. Oreos Vs. Double Stuff 
  • 145. On Life, Death and Turning 40
  • 151. How do you survive a Summer Job?


Please remember to subscribe, rate and review or send us an email ( and we will read it on the next episode. Check out our special guest host Da7e Gonzales on Twitter (@da7e). For updates and generally joyful humor, follow the show (@talkmeinto) or the hosts (@sonnavafitch @danny_breakdown @JEFFFFF27) on Twitter. Artwork provided by Twitter user @wikirascals. Theme provided by Hostage Calm.


00:00 - Intro

03:05 - Special Announcement: Patreon

05:50 - Talking Ourselves Into: Da7e Gonzales 

16:45 - Lost: Prewatch

26:40 - Lost: Postwatch 

63:25 - Next Episode: Ear Biscuits

66:00 - Outro